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Information on using the web catalog CKIS

Catalog selection

The welcome screen offers you principal search options. For searching throughout the centralized catalogue, ie. across all faculties, select the top option Centralized Catalog of Charles University. If you wish to limit your search to the catalog of a particular faculty, select the appropriate option from the list under the heading Logical bases for the faculty library. If you wish to limit your search to the documents of a particular type (books, serials, e-journals, e-books, theses) but across all faculties, you will find the appropriate options further below, under the heading Logical bases according to the document types. If you have selected one of the faculty libraries, you are faced with similar, possibly more detailed, filtering options, depending on the library's policy and tradition.

Fig. 1 The welcome screen of CKIS

You can change your catalog selection any time by clicking the Databases button on the menu bar.

Menu bar

The menu bar offers you the following options: signing in and viewing your user acount; setting up your search and display preferences; sending feedback; help option; selecting indexes to be browsed or searched; viewing results lists and previous searches within your session; your e-shelf for viewing saved records.

Fig. 2. Menu bar

Basic Search

The Basic Search is set as your default search option when entering the Centralized Catalog of CU. You are presented with a form offering searches by words from any fields and/or by author, publisher, year of publication, subjects, ISBN, ISSN, and title words. These criteria can be mutually combined by entering terms in more than one field. Searching can be narrowed down by specifying additional parameters: language, document type, specific faculty library, or the range of years publication of the desired document.

Fig. 3. The Basic Search form

Integrated Search

Select the option Integrated Search if you wish to browse or search indexes. Available browsing options include the indexes of titles, authors, subject terms, series titles, publishers, ISBN, UDC, and years of publication. For authors, put the family name first; for titles, ignore any initial article and start with the first significant word.

Fig. 4. The Browse/Search form of Integrated Search

Advanced Search

Compared with Basic Search, the Advanced Search offers additional fields to search by and, moreover, in a combination of up to three criteria. As in Basic Search, searching can be limited to documents in a specific language or of a specific type.

Search results and record details

Searching will display a results list (integrated search will display the appropriate index). If search results contain too many records, you can click the Refine button in the menu bar and further refine your query with a number of additional criteria.

Fig. 5. Refining the query

The menu bar lets you work with the results list, create sets of records, forward them to e-mail addresses, etc.

Fig. 6. Records processing options

To select the record you are interested in, click on its ordinal number in the first column. (With an index, you will get to the results list after clicking the appropriate index entry.) Click one of the holding links if you wish to check the document availability in the libraries: the All-items link next to the Global Holdings tag for comprehensive information or one of the location links next to the Holdings by Sub-l. tag for infomation on items in a specific library.

Fig. 7. Record details

When expanding the details of your selected item, please note the Due Date field. If that field contains no date, the item is on shelf in the library.

Fig. 8. Available items display.

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