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Information on working with the CKIS user account

You will activate the services of your user account by clicking the User button on the menu bar. The system will prompt you to log in. The Charles University students will use their student card number (under the photograph) as their User ID and the alphabetic code (under the barcode) as their PIN/password.

Fig. 1. The sign-in screen

Your user account lets you check the status and history of your loans, reservations, payment transactions, and potential offences. You can change your password and/or change the electronic address to which any messages from the library should be sent (notices on satisfied reservations, end-of-loan alerts, overdue notices, etc.).

Fig. 2 User account

If you wish to see the details of the items you have currently on loan, click on the number next to the Loans tag in the Activities paragraph. The same applies to your Loan History List and Hold Requests. The details of your current loans indicate where the item has been loaned from and when it is due back; those items which are not overdue can be renewed by clicking either of the Renew Selected or Renew All options. If an attempted renewal fails, it may due to the expired loan period or to another borrower on the waiting list for the title or the item has been renewed earlier and cannot be renewed any more. Contact the library in question for details.

Fig. 3. Items on loan and renewal options

Having signed in with your user ID and password you can place reservations for retrieved items. View the record details of the desired title and click on the sub-library you want to reserve from. You will see a table of available items. Click on the Request link to the left of each line. You will be presented with the Hold Request form with the details of your period of interest (three months by default) and the pickup library. Nothing else is required to fill in, just click the Go button. When the item is returned to the library, the library will inform you by e-mail. You can check the status of your reservations any time in your user account, under the Activities – Hold Requests link.

NOTE: Not all libraries permit reservations; reservations are currently offered by the libraries of: 1st Faculty of Medicine; 2nd Faculty of Medicine; 3rd Faculty Medicine (closed stock items only); Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Protestant Theological Faculty; Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Social Sciences; Faculty of Physical Education and Sport; Catholic Theological Faculty; Faculty of Law; and Masaryk's Social Sciences Library at Jinonice. Contact each library for details.

Fig. 4. Available items in one of the libraries

Fig. 5. Reservation of a specific title

Any fines or unpaid charges are shown to you under Activities – Cash transactions. The negative balances have to be settled at the libraries against which are shown, you cannot pay them elsewhere. Click on the amount owed for the details of the library you are owing to.

Fig. 6. Amounts owed

It is in the best interest of all borrowers to keep the library up to date with their e-mail addresses. The libraries normally use e-mail to notify borrowers of satisfied reservations, upcoming due dates, overdues etc. If you wish to update your email address, click on the Update addresses link in your borrower acount.

Fig. 7. Updating e-mail adress

You should change your password after your first log in. Click on the Password button on the menu bar. Like in other programs, you will be prompted to fill in your old password, the new password, and confirmation of the new password (or Pincode in the local Aleph parlance). You can also select one of the questions and enter your answer to it in case you might forget the password. And finally, if you forget the password, the question, and the answer, you will have to contact the library for a default password.

Fig. 8. Changing password and setting verification question

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